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FusionCMS Release: 5.0

After two years of development, the stable 5.0 release has been pushed out!

FusionCMS v5.0

Today, we are proud to release v5.0 of our Content Management System, FusionCMS. It's been a long two years since we started on the development of this next iteration. In total, we've made 41 releases totalling 1,329 commits and closing over 320 reported issues and feature requests as we went through our alpha, beta, and release candidate release phases.

What's New

  • Added ability to control SEO title formatting
  • Added default SEO description and keywords to be used as a default fallback
  • Added relationships to the Matrix
  • Added the Notifications module
  • Added the File Fieldtype, bringing in the support for file uploads through the Form module
  • Upgraded to Laravel 5.4
  • And many other various bug fixes


If you're currently running the latest RC-3.3 release - the auto-update process should handle upgrading your website to the stable v5.0 release.

If however, you need to or would like to manually update, simply run php artisan fusion:upgrade from your terminal.