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Using Postman

Last updated September 13, 2017

Postman is a powerful GUI platform to make your API development faster & easier. Postman makes it easy to test API endpoints and preview the returned responses while developing integrations with the FusionCMS API.

Request Builder

Under the Builder tab, the request builder lets you create any kind of HTTP request quickly. We can use this to set up requests to the FusionCMS API.


The URL is the first thing that you will need to set for a request. Simply fill in the API endpoint of your website you would like to test here.

Postman Builder


Clicking on the Headers tab will show the headers key-value editor. Here is where we will be setting our Content-Type and Authorization header requests to authenticate against the API.

Postman Builder

Create two headers with the following information:

Key Value
Authorization Bearer {Your Personal Access Token}
Accept application/json


Changing the request method is straightforward, using the control dropdown next to the URL field. The request body editor area will change depending on whether the method can have a body attached to it or not.

Postman Builder

Set this accordingly for the API endpoint you're testing.

Send Request

That pretty much wraps it up! Simply click Send to send your request. You'll be able to view the response with either the information you requested from the API, or a relevant error.

Postman Builder